Teams and Organisations

Discover Infinite Possibility

Intuitive Flow works with senior leaders in medium to large organisations to help you change how you, your team or organisation work so that you’re more effective.

Working on ‘the how’ means getting people in and across teams, from within and outside your project and organisation engaged in real dialogue and productive, authentic conversations.  Real conversations and networked leadership is what allows new and clear opportunities to emerge, challenges and blocks to be pinpointed, collective energy to be harnessed, plans developed and owned by the people who’ll be impacted by them.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Leadership Teams
    Collaboratively develop and lead both the culture and strategic transformation agenda through your senior teams.
  • Cultural Change
    Create a work culture that’s vibrant, dynamic and brings together diverse thinking; THIS delivers productivity and competitive edge in an environment of continuous change.
  • Change Management
    Introduce effective and sustainable change your teams will commit to implementing, build ongoing change leadership, and develop change resilience.
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
    Grow leaders who can model your desired work culture and deliver your strategy.
  • Generating Group Strategy/Ideas/Plans and Solving Group Problems
    Use creative collective processes to generate new ideas and problem solve.
  • Strategic Human Resources and Organisational Development Consulting
    Strengthen and leverage connections across people, processes and systems to produce outcomes valued by all.
  • Organisational Design and Alignment
    Re-shape the design or structure of a project / organisation, so communication and outcomes flow freely and effectively.

The work happens through:

  • Being a Trusted Advisor and Change Catalyst to Senior Leaders
  • Diagnostic Tools and Processes (for individuals, teams and organisations)
  • Leadership Team Facilitation
  • Large Group Engagement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Co-creating Design and Review

Personal Transformation

See Things Differently

Intuitive Flow creates a safe space for individual leaders and professionals to reconnect with your own passion, purpose, presence and power.  This allows you to navigate your own unique way to get to where you want to be.  Our job is to challenge, support, inspire and motivate you through a relationship based on trust and rapport.  The focus is on developing your own awareness and working with your unique gifts and interests.  You already have the answers; we just need to ask the right questions!  If you’re ready to experience more… to have a profound shift in how you experience life and work… then this is for you.

Intuitive Flow offers:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Group Workshops and Seminars
  • Wish Facilitation™ (click here for more here for more information about The Wish™)

How We Engage with Clients