My name is Sarah Jane Chapman (but please call me SJ!) and I am the Director of Intuitive Flow. I have worked for over 20 years with organisations, groups and individual professionals on defining success for them, developing potential and improving effectiveness.

SJ’s Professional Background

SJ Chapman
Director, Intuitive Flow

With a B.Comm. (Management & IR) and a B.A. (Hons. in Political Science), I’m also accredited in Executive Coaching from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership,  The Leadership Circle (profile and culture survey) and many other diagnostic tools, learning programs, human dimension frameworks and collaboration methodologies.

My career began at Accenture in change management.  I went on to national and Asia Pacific roles at Zurich Australia and Oracle Corporation.  I’ve consulted internally and externally (including both ‘bix six’ and boutique Australian consulting organisations) at senior levels with diverse organisations of varying sizes and across industries  My projects have spanned organisation development and alignment, change management, leadership and executive coaching, cultural change, strategic human resources, and learning and development .  The range of client organisations I have worked with include Clayton Utz, Centrelink, National Australia Bank, Monash Health, NSW Health Pathology, Red Cross Blood Service and Victorian WorkCover Authority.

I also coach individual professionals and leaders to experience the best version of themselves personally and professionally.

What Distinguishes SJ’s Approach

Find The Balance

My background is a combination of corporate and creative, addressing challenges from organisation-wide and systemic levels through to intimate and focused work at a personal level.  I work on practical business issues and behavioural issues and also draw on creative, reflective and energy practices to bring about group and personal change.

I’m able to work with complex and intractable issues, requiring more thought, care and attention than usual. So clients who want serious long term change – that is, people and organisations who genuinely want to ‘get unstuck’ and make changes that are meaningful and involved – will be interested in working with me.

I can listen and really hear and notice what is important for both individuals and groups.  I build the ability in others to have productive conversations as part of how they go about their work and life, so they can experience the magic of collective flow and create amazing results in very tangible ways.

Philosophy of Intuitive Flow

Unfurl Your Brilliance

We shine a light that allows individuals and teams to get present and aware. A strong connection to presence triggers powerful realisations and shifts that drive greater personal engagement and fulfilment, as well as improved team and organisational creativity, effectiveness, and connection to organisational purpose.

Our experiences have led us to know that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. It is as important to slow down, to honour and be informed by our feelings, and to reflect as it is to plan and take action. What is ‘inside’ or ‘below the surface’ can often run our personal and professional lives. Our lives and work transform – or unfold – from the inside out.

Productive work and changes happen through individual and group reflection, dialogue and planning, action and then beginning the cycle again… in pairs, in small groups, large groups…in teams, across teams, with diverse stakeholders across and outside projects, organisations and communities.  People reflecting and having authentic conversations – this is how we create shared meaning and purpose, find amazing new ideas, build collective resilience and get great results.

How Do We Do what We Do?

Make It Together

For both organisations and individuals, our starting point is where people are right now.

  • We are skilled at creating conversations that surface what is hidden or not usually discussed, so you can engage with it productively.
  • We support you to uncover and develop your own pathways to satisfaction and success.
  • We respect your goals, your history and your unique strengths.
  • We hold a safe space for you to share your humanity, vulnerability, doubts and uncertainty. We know that these unlock the keys to your genius and success – they’re NOT weaknesses.
  • We support individuals, groups and organisations to enquire deeply into your purpose, potential, beliefs, and how you function.
  • We have a flair for working with you to identify and understand complex personal and business issues.
  • We realise that it’s fundamental to include the wider environment that you (or your team, project, organisation) lives and works within.